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Trey Libra's, fka Jacob Izrael, mission is to bring life and joy to a dying world through his lyrics and songs (Ephesians 5:19 Holy Bible ). That means reaching the streets by all means, even without a major record deal. Trey, was born as Tredale L. McCullough in St.Petersburg, Florida. Just like a lot of inner-city kids, Trey was raised by his grandmother. Due to a crack-cocaine habit that his mother once suffered , Trey was forced to live with his father's mother. Although Trey was raised by his dad's mother he rarely spent time with the man.  


Growing up in a household with no siblings was very hard at times for Trey. Raised in a neighborhood where there's constantly drug activity and acts of violence going on it's almost impossible not to become a product of that environment. By the grace of GOD Jacob found no interest in the street life. Trey had a thirst for something else, writing poetry and raps.

One Man Enterprise

As Founder/CEO of       Brave Creatures....

Trey Libra

is a songwriter,


Hip-Hop artist,



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