Meet The one and only Ryanito


Ryan “Ryanito” Larranaga walks into the studio wearing nothing but black. His combat boots indicate that he is going to war, but he is not fighting a war in the typical sense. There is no blood being shed, only his own sweat and tears that he puts into making his music. He is fighting to make an impression on the music industry as well as the world.

As he enters the studio he sits on a black couch next to his sound engineer Moe Martinez. The wood panels on the walls are filled with hanging guitars, a picture of Bob Marley, and a painting that says, “Music is what feelings sound like.”


Find Ryanito At:

Rayo Radio/96.5 WSLR

Coffee And Donuts Radio

Art, Rhymes, and beer co-founder

Art, Rhymes, and Beer

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