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Visionary, is one of many attributes a person can use to describe the incredible Antoine Moore. Antoine, was born in the cabalistic area of Queens, Ny, and moved to Florida at an early age. His grandfather Barry Moore, ( A mentor/counselor for children in Queens, Ny ) instilled morals into the young Moore that would concrete his career. The young Moore started writing songs at the age of 13. He found that through songwriting, he could escape the atrocities of his community. The young Antoine painted pictures through rhyme schemes that would capture his harsh reality, but ignited a deep passion from within. It wasn't until reading the autobiography of Malcom X, Dr.King, and Curtis Jackson that he began to pay attention to that passion. That passion being the desire to make a difference. Those values that Antoine adopted from his grandfather began to mandate his approach. Mr.Moore, began to transition from songwriting, to motivational speaking. Antoine Moore, graduated from St.Petersburg College with honors, and obtained his Associates in Mass Communication. In the process he has launched Moore To Life Radio (An online Radio station devoted to sundrious enlightenment topics) which is sponsored by the #1 site for recent stories Mr.Moore's insight is special and his goals include becoming a promiment figure in the black community. His target....The youth.



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"The misguided is the proper euphemism that describes where I'm from. I'm devoted to change, and it starts with me"

- Antoine Moore (Monteasy)